Do You Miss Delicious Food?
Diabetic Diets are Usually Yucky
IIt’s time to stop making yourself crazy and just enjoy your food again. Of course, you need to track your blood glucose numbers, and make sure you’re getting enough of the right fat and protein (carbs are easier).

But if you choose to follow my suggestions on how to eat and even use some of my recipes, you can focus on the pleasure of food, rather than the business of food, if you know what I mean.

It's about to get really good in the kichen...

Diabetes: 19 Easy Delicious
Dairy & Gluten Free Recipes

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You are more likely to become obese, develop heart disease, or lose a limb by eating foods loaded with high fructose corn syrup and trans fats than by eating fruits and veggies.

You shouldn't have to feel schizo over every meal choice just because you have a blood sugar imbalance, or sensitivity to dairy or gluten. 

The right foods come straight from Mother Earth. They are not adulterated, processed, refined, stripped of their amazing nutritional benefits, boxed, or canned. They are natural, and you will find them to be delicious once your taste buds adjust to real food, instead of food that comes from a box.
 For example, when baking bread, you can use almond flour instead of regular alloxan-poisoned white or all-purpose bleached flour. Almond flour has 20 carbs per cup, versus over 70 carbs for wheat flour. You can eat delicious cakes and cookies without gluten- containing wheat flour also.
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